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The Pareto Principle "the predicatable imbalance" in action (Hacking Photography)

Wednesday, September 24

How we define a problem often determines how we analyze it; and how we analyze a problem usually reveals the approach(es) for defining solutions.

Consequently the more clearly we define the problem, the more likely we are to find an appropriate approach, and reveal the most promising solution.

The Pareto Principle, suggests 80% of sales comes from 20% of the workforce, or that 80% of an organizations problems may come from 20% of the workforce. However, this principle also offers value when applied in more tangible arenas. For example Mike Newton shares in his book Hacking Photography that it doesn't take necessarily take 10 lessons to have a major impact on the quality of your photos. Just 1 lesson can make the difference between average and remarkable!

So in applying the Pareto Principle to the everyday leadership - leaders looking to coach and mentor the most promising should be prepared to invest 80% of their time, effort, attention and resources into the top 20%, to see positive results. Another way of looking at it is doing the 'hard work now, so that the benefits can be realized later.'  

As a leader, manager, supervisor, or other in position of authority, have you considered applying the Pareto Principle in working with your people? The research is clear, "the predictable imbalance" can be used to consistently produce targeted results. Why not put the Pareto Principle to the test today – then share your results!
Dr. Eugene Matthews

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Improve Your Overall Comprehension

Sunday, September 14

One of the challenges for leaders and learners is comprehending complex systems, processes, formulas, networks, etc. Although many of these issues are very involved and complex, when we remember that they are all components of an end product or event, we can better comprehend them.

Before we dive into the how it works, it's important to first distinguish why we want to know. There's a significant difference in comprehending something in an effort to impact it (improve, discredit, defeat, etc.,) as opposed to comprehending something for general enlightenment.
"In the field of observation chance favors the prepared mind." Dr. Louis Pasteur
After ensuring we have a reason or a purpose for knowing something, beyond general enlightenment, it's a simple matter of deconstructing the complex system, process, or formula into its most basic elements. Then consider how each part works with another to create the whole. 

The only limitation is that this process is largely restricted to mechanical and/or chemical processes. With respect to individuals there is much conjecture and research ongoing, with only few researchers in agreement. 

Luciano Passuello, author of LiteMind goes on to detail several addtional methods for How to Learn (Almost) Anything, loosely based upon the work of Edgar Dale (1969).

As you embark upon or prepare for your upcoming daily and weekly activities, consider the various ways to to improve your overall comprehension, then check out the 120 ways to boost your brain power

Even if you only implement one idea, imagine how much time, effort, and other resources you could potentially save. Isn't that something worth considering?
Dr. Eugene Matthews

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