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Hello and welcome to my site! My purpose is to help you develop your leadership, coaching, and mentoring skills, and provide you with professional development information and opportunities.


Leadership Tip #1

Thursday, July 31

"A good leader strives to promote someone beyond their possible future."
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While many consider personal advancement or personal achievement to represent the goal of any successful effort, authentic leaders look beyond the present, toward the future.

The past is a wonderful educator, the present is an excellent incubator, but the future is where authentic leaders project their energies. This includes, but is not limited to persons, processes, and the promotion of others.

By elevating others, we create our own living legacy.

Dr. Eugene Matthews

Tech Tip#1: Swipe and Search Entire Your iPhone or iPad at Once!

Thursday, July 17

Save the stress of searching from app to app to find what you're looking for!
Search your iPhone or iPad with one gesture

As an iPhone and iPad user, I've found this shortcut to be a valuable time saver and stress reducer!

I use a lot of different apps and I'm in the process of disciplining myself to focus my app use (that's for another post), for now I often use whatever app is open or handy to capture thoughts, messages, phone numbers or anything I want to work on. 

Later, I'll spend a ridiculous amount of time going from app to app to find where I jotted down the message, phone number, etc., a lot of unnecessary stress! Worst still, sometimes the app is one I have nested in a folder, or the message is part of a text to myself, making it more difficult to find. But, now that I found the simple swipe and search feature, those stresses are minimized.

This method works for the iPhone and iPad and is simple to use.

For the iPad

Simply press a finger to the screen, hold an pull downward slightly to reveal the search bar.

Once the search bar is revealed at the top of the screen, start typing the application, contact, email. If you don't find what you're looking for on your device, for example The Leadership, Coaching, and Mentoring website, you can search the web from here.

Note that on the iPad the Web and Wikipedia search appears on the same screen.

To access the swipe and search feature on the iPhone, follow the same press and pull down slightly on the screen. When the search block appears, press, hold, and pull up slightly to reveal the Web and Wikipedia search options.

Save time, and reduce stress! Search your entire device quickly and easily, before you go from app to app! 
Eugene Matthews

Principles of Leadership

Principles of Leadership
Nominated for Small Business Book Award in: Management. The Quick Guide to Principles of Leadership (what every good leader should know) is a fast informative read. Click on the book image and grab your copy today!

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