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Hello and welcome to my site! My purpose is to help you develop your leadership, coaching, and mentoring skills, and provide you with professional development information and opportunities.

Leadership, Coaching, and Mentoring

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Monday, November 3

Hello everyone and thank you so much for your support of my Leadership Coaching and Mentoring site. I have been publishing to this domain for almost 8 years and now due to it's growth I need to transition to another platform and have adopted another domain name SoldierCop. This site is currently under construction, so if you are a long-time LEDCOME fan, please expect an email invitation to join me at my new site SoldierCop.

All of my posts from here have already been transferred and I am diligently working to get the site up and looking the way I want it to. SoldierCop came out of several conversations I've had with current and former military members looking to transition into the career areas of education, security, law enforcement, and private consulting.

The intent and goal will be to continue to share the same high quality content to an audience of followers who can use the information to take themselves, professionally and personally, to the next level.

Again, please stay tuned for an email from me inviting you to join me at SoldierCop.

Thanks for your continued support.
Dr. Eugene Matthews

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