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Improve Your Overall Comprehension

Sunday, September 14

One of the challenges for leaders and learners is comprehending complex systems, processes, formulas, networks, etc. Although many of these issues are very involved and complex, when we remember that they are all components of an end product or event, we can better comprehend them.

Before we dive into the how it works, it's important to first distinguish why we want to know. There's a significant difference in comprehending something in an effort to impact it (improve, discredit, defeat, etc.,) as opposed to comprehending something for general enlightenment.
"In the field of observation chance favors the prepared mind." Dr. Louis Pasteur
After ensuring we have a reason or a purpose for knowing something, beyond general enlightenment, it's a simple matter of deconstructing the complex system, process, or formula into its most basic elements. Then consider how each part works with another to create the whole. 

The only limitation is that this process is largely restricted to mechanical and/or chemical processes. With respect to individuals there is much conjecture and research ongoing, with only few researchers in agreement. 

Luciano Passuello, author of LiteMind goes on to detail several addtional methods for How to Learn (Almost) Anything, loosely based upon the work of Edgar Dale (1969).

As you embark upon or prepare for your upcoming daily and weekly activities, consider the various ways to to improve your overall comprehension, then check out the 120 ways to boost your brain power

Even if you only implement one idea, imagine how much time, effort, and other resources you could potentially save. Isn't that something worth considering?
Dr. Eugene Matthews

A Coaching Tool to Combat Leader Stagnation

Monday, September 8

John W. Gardner  an icon in the business leadership Industry suggests the best leaders
never stop learning. Whether that is a indictment on leadership failures, or a lesson in leadership success, doesn't matter. What does matter is that he pointed out that boredom, not complacency, apathy, or arrogance was the Achilles heel that prevents leaders from moving from good to great, or steadily maintaining intellectual growth. 

From Boredome to Better

To move from the attributes of boredome consider some antonyms; concern, energy, excitement, interest, liveliness, vigor, and zest. While words alone can't change attitudes, these words evoke a powerful visual, which any leader can adopt and integrate into their daily thinking. Gardner offered an antidote to the virus of boredome when in one of his iconic speeches he suggested, "Be interested...everyone wants to be interesting but the vital thing is to be interested."

An aphorism often used by this author is, "It doesn't matter what you know, but what you do with what you know that matters."

Even if you are in an industry that seems less innovate or invigorating, you can regain the internal excitement that once inspired and motivated you, simply by becoming curious, interested, and aware. 

Spur your intellectual self by learning some new skill, perhaps outside of your need, like playing guitar, learning another language, or painting. Whatever you do today that brings interest back to the forefront of your mind, will pay huge dividends for you tomorrow.
Dr. Eugene Matthews

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